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Unique Methodology

Unique Methodology

The academic curriculum and pedagogy at Seacom Skills University is designed to challenge students and provide them with a robust foundation to build exciting careers. It features:

✓ An importance on analyzing problems, generating key insights and implementing creative solutions;

✓A curriculum designed to strike the right balance between theory and practice, enhancing knowledge and skills while also encouraging experimentation;

✓ The opportunity to understand how business is carried out across borders, in a global marketplace;

✓ Discussion and debate in an academic environment, where professors and students encourage each other to uncover new ideas and find creative solutions to challenging problems;

✓ Experiential learning integrated into each module of the program, with an emphasis on bridging the gap between theory and practice;

✓ Equips students with the skills and knowledge required to start and sustain their own business;

✓ Enables students to practice such activities as researching markets for new products/ service ideas, producing a business plan with projected financial statements;

✓ Exposure to get familiar with the characteristics and motivation of successful entrepreneurs and interact with them in a live situation;

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