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School of Social Sciences

School of Social Sciences

BA (Hons), MA, Ph.D in History, Education, Sociology, Political Science


The department of History focuses on Indian History- Ancient, Medieval and Modern. It also focuses on the History of Europe and other Non-European countries. The teachers of this department are engaged in different research projects and they regularly organize monthly lectures and special lectures on different aspects of Indian history. The students are also taken to visit museums, monuments of historical importance and archeological sites.


The department of Political Science at SEACOM is adequately staffed with highly competent faculty. The students who have passed out have received moderate to good placements all over the country on their own merit. The department provides comprehensive programme of instruction in the fundamental areas of the discipline: political Universities and processes, development and transformation of theory and concepts, understanding different approaches to political analysis, political sociology, public administration and the legal contexts necessary for understanding politics and debates about it.


The department of sociology aims to engender analytical and critical thinking among its students and has continuously endeavored to incorporate the most contemporary debates in Sociology in its academic curriculum. So while the monological method of teaching continues, it is supplemented with various kinds of practical exposures. Village trips are therefore organized for every batch of students so that students learn how to relate theory with facts, not only that the village exposure helps the students to develop a perspective which they would not have attained otherwise. To encourage the creativity in the students and also enable them to think critically, dissertation writing was made compulsory component of the curriculum. The students benefit immensely from their research work. This also enables them to become an independent thinker which stands them in good stead once they finish their graduation.


The objective of this department is to make the course professional and practical so that the trainee teachers become competent enough to meet the social, academic and national needs. One of the main objectives of initiating this course was to develop knowledge, cultivate positive attitude and equip the trainees with the skills needed in this age of liberalization and globalization.

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