Message from Vice-Chancellor,

Message from Vice-Chancellor, of Seacom Skills University

Message from Vice-Chancellor,


Prof. (Dr.) Raghunath Datta


 Seacom Skills University

It’s a matter of great pride and privilege to be a part of an esteemed University that prepares today’s students to meet the challenges of the Industry. I have seen the way the Seacom Skills University has become pioneer in providing superior quality education in the neighboring areas and has also been engaged to extend these efforts to outside India.

The University has a strong foundation of modern infrastructure, qualified faculties, active learning process and a penchant for scholarly research work. It is a hub of multi-disciplinary education that offers a wide range of Academic Programs starting from Graduation to Ph.D.  A number of skills development programs offered by the University further add to students’ opportunities to find suitable employment.

                              As the Vice-Chancellor of the University, I am deeply committed to welcome a body of faculties and students dedicated to Academic Excellence, Pedagogical Sophistication, Top-Notch Research and Service to the Society. In our mission to contribute to National Development, Seacom Skills University stands tall as a Centre of Excellence that will be able to develop confident leaders, independent thinkers, entrepreneurs and creative personnel who will drive our Society and Economy. Our aim is not just to create good scholars but rather good human beings.

Our strategy is governed by five major goals:-

  1. Excellent Teaching
  2. Students’ Satisfaction
  3. Social Responsibility
  4. Excellent Placement and
  5. Outstanding Research


 We have also developed Collaborative Partnership Agreement with different Institutes in India and abroad with the object of helping our students to generate innovative ideas, knowledge and skills requisites for social benefits. The University is attempting to streamline its procedures and mechanisms to increase the performance and inculcate the sense of work culture amongst the stake holders.

Being the Vice-Chancellor of this University, I am confident that efforts to excel in the field of higher education and the inculcation of moral values to the students at the University Campus will continue in future with a greater zeal.

We as a team at Seacom Skills University strive to prepare students to become better citizens of our country irrespective of their culture and financial background and to contribute in the welfare of society and country’s development.

 I, therefore, call students to be part of this revolution led by Seacom Skills University and become the stars of tomorrow.

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