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  • info_ssu@seacomgroups.com
  • Why SSU?

    ✓ SSU has sprawling 50 acre green campus with state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern classrooms and well equipped laboratory facilities

    ✓ Curriculum & Pedagogy for the 21st century

    ✓ Twin degree curriculums resulting in year saving

    ✓ Experienced faculty members of national and international repute

    ✓ State-of-the-art world class library

    ✓ 360 degree holistic development of an individual

    ✓ Strong industry connect and accreditation of global partners

    ✓ Innovative Case based teaching methodology and pedagogy

    ✓ Individual care and special coaching for higher studies and competitive examination

    ✓ Soft Skills training and Personality Development workshop for each and every student

    ✓ 24 Hours Medical, Hostel & Transport facilities

    ✓ Scholarships & Financial Aid for meritorious and needy students with Bank Loan facilities

    ✓ Caring Practices that engage the students and re-assure their parents

    ✓ Campus community unleashing the synergy and potentials of each and every individual

    ✓ Comprehensive Conception of the idea of education