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School of Creative Art and Design

Message from the Principal, School of Creative Art and Design

Creation is the highest level of contribution to human consciousness. The School of Creative Art and Design of this University is one of its kind in India as it aims to make a man better through aesthetic consciousness. It is unique for its idea and attention to the pupil to explore their individual innovative excellence of expression as different forms of art. The importance of its focus is concentrated on both skill and creation under the guidance of its teachers with extraordinary qualities. Our expectation is to develop a vision at large in the society through which one will see every day’s sunrise, moon and nature as something new.

Dr. Subimalendu Bikas Sinha
School of Creative Art and Design
Seacom Skills University


Eligibility:- 10+2 passed.
Duration:- 3 Years


B.Sc. Interior Design is a 3 year undergraduate course in which students learn to design comfortable spaces and anticipate people’s needs. The course teaches the student with a wide array of structural requirements, health and safety issues and building codes as well. Interior Designers often need to work in a team of architects, contractors, engineers and craftsmen, thus the program is designed in a way which covers every area required for achieving excellence in the field. B.Sc. Interior Design is a program which educates students with concepts of planning, designing, organizing and managing a space according to its function. The course includes detailed study about principles and elements of design. It covers all aspects of design including different kinds of places like hotels, corporate spaces, schools, hospitals, commercial spaces and residential spaces.


Eligibility:-For pursuing B.Sc. Fashion Design course, one needs to have a pass certificate in Higher Secondary or class 10+2 or equivalent examination in any stream.
Duration:- 3 Years


Fashion Designing is the art of application of design and aesthetics to clothing and accessories. It encompasses a vast field of studies in design, concept management, design production management, quality control, planning, fabric design, printing, fashion accessory design, fashion merchandising, textile science, marketing etc. The completion of the course opens wide range of career options for the candidates.


Eligibility:-Passed 10+2 or equivalent examination.
Duration:- 3 Years


Performing arts encompasses many different forms of expression, but most degree programs are focused around drama, music and dance. Students in an undergraduate program learn on-stage skills and may also gain career-related knowledge, such as audition techniques and business practices for the performing arts. It is common for these Bachelor of Arts programs to consist of a core curriculum that provides a comprehensive understanding of the performing arts along with general education courses. Program specializations in performing arts degrees include drama, music and dance. Majoring in performing arts involves study that integrates the overlapping fields of drama, music and dance practices. A performing arts B.A. program may include courses in the following subject areas: • Music performance • Theatre history • Dance and culture • Musical theatre • Dance technique • Dramatic literature


Eligibility:-Passed 10+2 IN ANY STREAM.
Duration:- 4 Years


The Department of Fine Arts introduced the Bachelor of Fine Arts course recently. The teaching program in the department is focused on quality results in both creative and research field by periodic updating of syllabi in accordance with the relevance of knowledge in the subject. In India, the opportunities in the field of creative art and culture have witnessed multifold increase. Today, an art student seeks excellence in creative vision as well as perfection in the skills. To provide better access to its learners, the department is working towards quality research and valuable documentations of both traditional and contemporary art of India and the world, thus preparing its learners as professional artists. The education of art in an University like SEACOM enriches the learner in a many ways. To hold and participate in cultural exchange program of excellence and prepare both learners and teachers for projects and fellowships are future prospects for the department. The faculty members have been taking care to groom their students more effectively by establishing close student - teacher contact.