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School of Languages

Integrated B.A + M.A in English, Bengali, Sanskrit

Integrated M.A + Ph.D in English, Bengali, Sanskrit


The Department of English is staffed by a committed team of professors and has attained a high standard of academic excellence. The programme in English has been designed to provide students with a strong foundation in English Literature. Covering a wide range of texts, authors, movements, literary trends, theories and schools of criticism, the course equips students for further study and research in the subject. Students are encouraged to participate in the teaching-learning process to develop their skills for original, independent and analytical thinking and appreciation. Strategies of teaching include the lecture method, audio-visual techniques, student seminars and class discussions. Continuous Internal Assessment is an integral part of the curriculum.


Department of Bengali perhaps gets students with good potentials and knack for literature. The main thrust areas of this department Pre modern Bengali literature, modern Bengali fiction, Bengali poetry, Tagore: Biography & Literature etc. The department organizes special lectures and seminars on the conventional issues of Literature and other valuable areas of literature beyond syllabus. The faculty members of the department carry out intensive research work in various areas of language and literature and its multi disciplinary components.


This ancient Subject gives an opportunity to the students to learn Sanskrit, the classical language of the Indian subcontinent. The oldest stage of the language is that of the Veda, the fundamental scriptures of Hinduism which date back to some twelve centuries BCE. The classical stage of the language is the vehicle of a vast and varied literature from epics and poetry to Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain religious and philosophical texts, and scientific treatises on everything from astronomy and architecture to law and linguistics. The candidates pursuing this course from SEACOM can opt for doing the Masters or can also apply for teaching in schools, apply for government jobs, enagage in translation work etc.